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How my gaming passion started

Growing up, I hadn’t had many chances to play video games and even when there were opportunities, the titles that I could are limited. I first started playing Space Cadet 3D Pinball on my uncle’s laptop and gosh that was an experience.

Then came the PlayStation 1.

I had begged my Mom for days to get me a console. Other kids have it and were having so much fun! Why couldn’t I have one for myself and play it too, right? We got ourselves some pirated games and I really enjoyed the good ol’ days. Games like the Megaman X series is a huge favorite of mine. Before long, we got ourselves a desktop computer and one game that had made a huge impact on me was “Pac Man: Adventures in Time”. I was stunned by the variety and creativity of the game.

Fast forward to today, my education in game design has led me to greater exposure in the gaming industry and it has only fueled my passion for playing games even further.


The Gamer’s Paradox

Here’s probably how it goes for a typical gamer. You get the urge of trying something new. You go into Steam and start browsing their curated list of games that they think you’d play. You spot a game that stands out. You take a look at the price and then you go, “Hmm… is it worth it?”

Sounds familiar?

Or maybe your train of thought goes like this: You look up a list of best-selling games in your favorite genre and browse through some of the featured games. You have the money to spare but the overwhelming number of titles out there old and new overwhelms you and your judgment and the video game reviews helped with nothing but leaving you feeling helpless with choices.

In one case, you have a limited expenditure but at the same time, you wish you could’ve afforded to spend on your gaming habits. In the other case, you have the money but you’re left with a vast video game landscape and anything goes.

In both cases, however, you are thinking, “Is this game worth my time?”. “Will I be able to enjoy it?”

Well, that’s how I was in both instances and I am here to help.


Enter Subjective Gamer

This is a place where I would give you my review and thoughts of a game while providing you a platform of curated merchants where you can pick out the best deals for yourselves and enjoy your money’s worth.

Reviews here in Subjective Gamer, just like its name suggests, will be highly subjective and while maintaining factual details of the game, I will be giving insights on players who would (or wouldn’t) enjoy the particular game that I’m reviewing.

That means that if you are someone who enjoys genres and aspects of games as I do (or have similar interests) would know that the games that I enjoy would appeal to you too!

At the same time, if we share conflicting interests on a certain game, for example, I really enjoy peaceful serene scenes in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds, then you can be sure that it will definitely not be the game for you (unless you have other aspects of the game that you thoroughly enjoyed).

The aim of my reviews is to give you a standpoint for you to judge the game on. In other words, using a confined set of variables that I’ll be judging the game based on and put out all it’s good and bad that I find on the table.

With all the introduction and your curiosity of this page out of the way, it’s time for you to make your decision and pick your game.


All the best and happy gaming!

Author of Subjective Gamer


P.S.: Want me to review a game or discuss a certain topic? Send me a message! Thanks for checking out!

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