How To Save Money For Games

How To Save Money For Games

Ka-ching! There goes $60 for a video game. That’s quite a hefty price tag for a video game ain’t it? Games are expensive and we all know that. We look at those big numbers attached to the game and our mind starts thinking about how we can save our money for the games we wanna get.

Let’s not talk about triple-A games, we already know that most of those can cost more than $50 right from the get-go. What about indie games? Are those expensive too? Well… yea! Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on games, anything ranging from $10 – $30 could very well be expensive to you.


In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how I save money for video games, in other words, how I minimize spending on video games! Warning! Patience is key.

Games In A Bundle

There are many studios making games and their DLCs. There are even more genres that describe those games.

Where'd all my cash go? Photo by Marco Verch

Gone are the days where games are created with varying content in them. Modern games are created by providing you with a baseline experience and subsequently releasing additional content every season for our entertainment. 

This is going to burn a huge hole in our wallets and through our pockets. There is an option for a season pass to receive subsequent content updates that a game will have but this comes with its risks of getting poorly-made content.

That doesn’t sound too good, does it? Thankfully, there is an alternative.

These days, games are sold in a convenient bundle that will allow us to purchase them as a whole. Games that are sold in a bundle often have discounts that come with them. You’d just have to look for them to know where they are. On Steam, they are listed together with their base game option.

Half-Life is a great example of this and you can see that they list several different bundles for this franchise.


Another option that’s available to us is Humble Bundle! (Aren’t we lucky?)

Humble Bundle offers us several bundled options, ranging from games to books and software.

With Humble Bundle, we can pay a certain amount of money to them in order to unlock a tier of games starting from paying anything from a dollar to a minimum of $12 to unlock the highest tier of games for that bundle! Talk about value!

Taking Advantage Of Sales

Nothing helps us to save money like a good bargain for goods. All of us like to see that percentage sign don’t we? Especially when it comes in the form like this: -XX%. We’re all ecstatic to see the number as high as possible because, for us, it means that we’re getting the game at a much lower price.

Many online retailers offer discounts periodically for certain titles, especially when there is a special festival or a significant day that’s around the corner. That is when there is a store-wide sale.

Here’s a short list of possible periods of sales (differs with each retailer):

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Sales
  • Halloween
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s
  • Christmas Sale, which may be synonymous with Winter Sales.

An online seller may also have publisher or developer sales where they will give a discount for games from their respective creators! So if you have a favorite studio, be on the lookout for such discounts!

Letting The Heat Die Down

Fresh and hot from the oven, games that have just released are, without a doubt, priced at their maximum value. But, did you know that the value of these games can lower as the time passes?


 If you’re someone who does not care about getting the latest releases, this will definitely help you the most. New-releases don’t get discounts as often so it’s good to wait for a while before their first discount kicks in. When the game starts getting discounted prices, it is a sign for bigger offers that will be applied to the game when major sales happen.

Additionally, the retail value of these games will decrease with time, however long that takes. Though no one will wait for years for a game to lower its price, it’s best to wait for the game’s sale to get it.

Therefore it’s not recommended to get a game straight after its release if you really want to save up cash for more games later on.

Counting The Games Before It Hatch

Contrary to getting the game on its release day, you could opt for getting the game in its pre-release or pre-order stage if you’re feeling adventurous.

Pre-orders are usually bundled with a few additional goodies, such as in-game cosmetics that are unique to pre-orders, that come with the base game and may offer a season pass with different pre-order bundles. This means that you’ll get access to additional content updates that will arrive in the future as the game ages.

Furthermore, you may also get a chance to play the game in its beta access and watch how the games develop through to its release. If you’re someone who’s interested in learning about how a game is developed, playing a game in its early stages is a great way to do this.

Getting The Games

Now that you know what you need to do in order to save money on games, but where can we get them? Steam is definitely an option and the Steam Store has title-sales so often that you’ll find multiple holes in your wallet very often. But I’d like to offer you a cheaper alternative to the Steam Store. Check out my article to learn more about Steam Store alternatives.


Over there, you’ll know about other online retailers that sell game keys that you can use in Steam and other digital distributors. Those online retailers provide you with options to get your game for a price lower than what’s offered on Steam and if patience isn’t your biggest trait, this is definitely a way for you to get cheaper games online.

That’s all I have for you today!


Happy Gaming!



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