Online Video Game Stores – Kinguin Review

Online Video Game Stores – Kinguin Review

Hey there! Welcome to part 2 of my “Online Video Game Stores” series where I’ll be guiding you through on how to buy video games online and doing store reviews to see how they fare in helping gamers make their purchase. Without a sustainable source of games and dwindling money supply, how would we be able to fund our gaming addiction right? (gaming addiction is not a good thing by the way)

Is Kinguin a scam? In this post, I’ll be answering that question and show you what Kinguin is all about and how it can help you in your gaming lifestyle.

Off we go into the depths of the web into Kinguin’s store!

Sales, Bundles And More

There are tons of products available on Kinguin. We’re looking for games here, aren’t we?

Kinguin’s new interface looking good

Well, they have games across various genre from action and sports to indie and dating sims! Not forgetting the fact that they have frequent discounts on their game keys so that means that you can always look forward to the next sale to add another title to your library of games.

They supply game keys for Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, UPlay etc. You’ll most likely find what you want in their gigantic collection.

Forget spending a hundred dollars for your Windows license. If you’re looking to get a copy of Windows for your new PC, you’re in the right place. They’ve got activation keys of Windows 7 to Windows 10 for around $30. That’s a really HUGE difference in the price gap.

Getting a membership subscription for your console within Kinguin is an easy feat too. They offer PSN and Xbox Gold subscription on top of other platforms, including Netflix and Spotify.kinguin-subscription

They’ve recently expanded their range of items and they’ve started including online courses that you can purchase on their site! If you’re looking for software tutorials, look no more, they have an expansive selection just for you.

2 Looks, 1 Great Shopping Experience

Kinguin has recently had a facelift and it was a pleasant surprise. The entire interface has become much cleaner and it’s really satisfying for the eyes. Not to mention, it now has two different themes available for your shopping experience. A standard light theme and an easier-for-the-eyes dark theme.

Unfortunately though, at the time of writing, they have not implemented the theme throughout their website and you’ll find yourself looking at the older version of their website at pages other than their homepage. That said, shopping on Kinguin still provides the same seamless experience and you won’t find yourself looking at what’s not supposed to be there.

An International Service

At Kinguin, they provide you with 24 different currencies so that you can view their products using currencies that you are using and avoid unforeseen currency conversion expenses.

Additionally, the site is available in 16 different languages including English and wherever you are, you’d be able to find the site in an appropriate language for your browsing pleasure. 

Taking a quick look at the product page in different languages, however, you’d be able to see that not everything has been translated and you may still need a bit of help from Google Translate to be able to fully understand everything if English isn’t a first language for you (but that shouldn’t be the case since you’re reading my blog). 

Despite that, navigating the website shouldn’t be hard as their major navigation buttons are translated properly.

Assured Keys

Online purchases bring a lot of worry to someone because of uncertainty. Will what I bought work? Kinguin is a reputable store that will ensure that your keys are working and in any case that they do not, you can always send in an e-mail to request for their assistance.

They have an option for “Buyer’s Protection” for you so that you can get a higher ticket priority in the case that what you bought does not work, provided that all the steps you’ve taken are correct.

Shop safely with the extra option

I’ve gotten games from them a number of times and I’ve not met with any problems. They have also given me a free game for one of my purchases during a promotion period which was a delight.

Service is really fast and you can expect to receive an order confirmation within 15mins of your payment.

Is Kinguin A Scam?

I highly doubt so. My experience so far with them has been a joy and I look forward to shopping on their platform in the future and in each time I got something from them, I’ve been able to get my game codes within a matter of minutes.

This is all I have for my review of Kinguin!

Check out my shopping guide and other recommended retailers or head over to Kinguin and start shopping!


Thanks for reading!



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